Hosting Extraordinary Dialogue That Is Timely, Relevant, And Significant By Focusing On The Global Scale Of Energy, Right Down To The Micro Details.

This podcast was recorded at the San Francisco Energy Dialogues, held in partnership with the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative and as part of a broader City Series.

The aim is to have strategic dialogue, welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside the industry, as well as the formation of solutions driving a sustainable energy pathway forward, which is critical amidst an on-going energy transition.

In this podcast, an energy thought leader from Stanford University discusses energy access and energy poverty solutions.


  • Mark Thurber, Associate Director of the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, Stanford University


“The San Francisco Energy Dialogues event provided a collaborative, open environment to discuss, reflect on, and sharpen perspectives on the most pressing energy challenges of today.”
- Anshuman Sahoo, Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group


“Best forum for discussion on energy topics in the industry.”
- George Wayne, Director, Market Services, KMI Gas Pipeline Group, Kinder Morgan


"As a startup founder, understanding the dynamics between customers, regulators and stakeholders is key. Energy Dialogues is a unique space in our ecosystem where the leading thinkers in Energy & Power interact and share ideas around both technology and policy."
- Mothusi Pahl, Founder & CCO, Ondaka