Hosting Extraordinary Dialogue That Is Timely, Relevant, And Significant By Focusing On The Global Scale Of Energy, Right Down To The Micro Details.

This podcast was recorded at the Calgary Energy Dialogues, held in partnership with The University of Calgary and Mount Royale University, and as part of our broader City Series.

The aim is to have strategic dialogue, welcoming diverse viewpoints from participants within and outside the industry, as well as the formation of solutions driving a sustainable energy pathway forward, critical amidst an on-going energy transition.

In this podcast, energy thought leaders discuss Canadian Infrastructure.

Main Topics:

  • What are the implications of Bill C-69 if it moves forward? How will approval processes change?

  • How can regulatory approach to approvals be balanced to serve the public and foster economic growth through successful project development?

  • How does the current climate impact investment in the Canadian infrastructure sector?


  • Angel Ransom, Director of Operations, First Nations Major Projects Coalition

  • Marla Orenstein, Director, Centre for National Resource Policy, Canada West Foundation


  • Connie Van der Byl, Academic Director, Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

"It was a great opportunity to hear and show perspectives with so many experienced people that have thought a lot about our societies use of energy and the coming changes."
- Christoph Schultz, Executive Director, Light Up The World

"A very informative day with knowledgeable participants from a diverse suite of energy-related industries and institutions.”
- Naomi Boness, Managing Director, Natural Gas Initiative, Stanford University