Welcome to the Energy Dialogues webinar where our panelists discuss a range of challenges facing the energy industry. These conversations focus on the global economic environment as well as exploring ways to ensure that all the positive measures that have been taken to advance the diversity and inclusion agenda aren’t lost.

The webinar has been split into two different groups of impressive women who share their perspectives.  These are women brought together through the Power Play initiative sponsored by ExxonMobil and they are active ambassadors for the Power Play Awards which bring women together to network and do business with one another. 

The awards are an opportunity to bring to the forefront the contributions the women in LNG are making and to showcase some of the truly talented female and male leaders we have working in this sector. 

Learn more about the awards or start a nomination

Nominations close on June 19th so hurry!


What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Challenges facing the LNG industry from a female perspective
  • How to keep inclusion and diversity on the agenda
  • Advice for how managers can help ensure that female voices are heard
  • How to accelerate the closure of the gender gap
  • Advice for women forging their own successful career path
  • Views on the future of the LNG industry
  • Words of wisdom and encouragement